Sessions & Rates

*All Sessions are 50 minutes each

$90 - Individual Session

In-Person Sessions / Telehealth

* A camera and microphone enabled device is required for this service

$100 Individual Sessions

Scenic Sessions / Coffee & Counseling*

*Sessions where you and I can meet and engage in the counseling process outside of the office. These sessions will take place at a local nature trail or local coffee shop/bakery.

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This is an informal "hey, I am me and you are you" type of meeting. You can ask me anything and I will answer almost anything you could ask. If you are comfortable and like my vibe, we schedule another session. If not, its completely fine and I can try to refer you to someone else. 

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Insurance companies should dictate your treatment nor control your wellness environment - YOU DO! In bypassing the control of insurance providers, we can offer services such as Scenic Sessions and Coffee & Counseling.

We are an out-of-network provider. We will provide you with a monthly invoice to submit to your insurance company for repayment. Check with your carrier for details.