Momming (MOM-ing) V. 1. acting as CEO and manager of all things; 2. finding unexplainable reserves of strength; 3. questioning every decision and praying that you're doing the right thing 
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Need a break? Need to just UGHHH?

From one mom to another, I HEAR YOU! I offer real-talk, individual counseling for those of us who just need a minute ... or a few. Oh, and for the teens - I hear you too, "teening" is not easy either!


Being in charge, but not feeling in charge, of little (and sometimes big) humans can be overwhelming, stressful, chaotic and just enough to make you want to scream! Parenting, or as I have coined it, "momming" is a tough job and does not include an orientation, much less a manual. My goal is to provide a non-judgmental space where moms can be heard and discuss all of the feelings, the good, bad and ugly. I want to help YOU find your voice and power!

For my teens, trying to navigate emerging adulthood is difficult (understatement, I know). You are expected to be mature, make decisions for your future, but also not act to grown. It can feel like running in circles and getting nowhere! Worst part: NO ONE GETS IT!


Let's chat in a space of simplicity and peace. Allow me to support processing and coping of the, sometimes hard to process, world of momming, wifing, teening - LIFE. I am proud to offer a safe place for all individuals.

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“The way you tell YOUR story to yourself matters”

-Amy Cuddy